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Entertainment law is our wheelhouse. With over 30 years' experience in law and entertainment, the Floyd Law Office offers its creative clients world-class representation and counsel. 

The intersection of art and commerce is an uncomfortable place. Nobody ever picked up a guitar hoping it would lead to math. But it does.

Songs aren't just songs; they are copyrights. Master recordings are a different type of copyright. Band names are trademarks. Gigs generate performance royalties (as well as ticket and merchandise sales). Band members are independent contractors (or employees, depending on state law and how the band operates). All of these generate expenses as well as income. Math and lengthy agreements are inevitable.  

At the Floyd Law Office, we know longevity in the entertainment industry is rarely based on talent alone. Far more often, it is determined by informed decisions and good deals.   

Common Areas of Entertainment Law

Contract Drafting and Negotiation. We have extensive experience drafting and negotiating entertainment-related contracts including recording and publishing agreements, production contracts, licensing agreements, distribution agreements, and more. We know a good deal from a bad deal and ensure that our clients' contracts are fair, enforceable, and reflect their desired outcomes.

Intellectual Property Protection. We assist clients in protecting their intellectual property rights, including copyrights, trademarks, and licensing of intellectual property assets. Whether you are an artist, songwriter, filmmaker, or "new media" content creator, we can guide you through the process of registering your works, enforcing your rights, and avoiding messy intellectual property disputes.

Business Entity Formation. We assist clients in selecting the appropriate business entity for their entertainment company, whether it's a corporation, limited liability company (LLC), partnership, or sole proprietorship. We guide clients through the process of entity formation, helping them understand the legal implications associated with each option.

Talent Representation. We represent singers, songwriters, actors, producers, screenwriters, novelists, models, influencers, and a host of other creators. We negotiate talent contracts, endorsement deals, sponsorship agreements, and other related contracts to secure the best possible opportunities for our clients while safeguarding their rights.

Music, Film, and Television. We advise clients on all legal and logistical aspects of music production, film, and television. We often provide assistance in the creation of budgets and release schedules as well as helping connect clients with reputable production talent and like-minded business collaborators.  

Licensing and Merchandising. We assist clients in securing the licensing and merchandising agreements necessary to utilize third party content. We provide guidance on licensing deals across various industries.

Privacy and Media Law. Our team offers counsel on privacy rights, defamation, right of publicity, and media-related legal issues. We assist clients in managing their public image, protecting their privacy, and handling media-related disputes.

Event and Entertainment Contracts. The Floyd Law Office is all about events. We provide legal and logistical guidance on all aspects of live event planning and production. When possible, we connect clients with reputable vendors necessary to successfully stage the event.

At the Floyd Law Office, we understand the entertainment industry. We invite you to contact us and hope to help you "survive the dream". 

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